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What makes us different?

Synchronization with Centris

Automatically synchronize your Centris listings

Real Estate Tools

Benefit from our financial calculators and dynamic forms

Business Stats

Follow-up on your visitors and share with your clients

Customizable & Flexible Theme

Select your color palette and personalize your theme

Advanced Search Filters

Allow your clients to filter your listings with the help of many criteria

Addition Your Own Listings

Insert unlisted properties or lots to the MLS system

High-Performance Hosting

Enjoy our optimized and high-availability web hosting service

Custom Domain Name

Use your own domain name and email address

Optimized for Smartphones

An interface optimized for mobile phones, tablets and computers

Ready to modernize your web presence?

Theme customization

Our multipurpose theme is very flexible and allow you to select and customize the design of your choice.

We offer a bundle of possibilities: multiple content zones, real estate widgets, preselected color palettes for major real estate agencies banners, colors personalized for every site element, content layout of every page, and many more.


Displaying listings

You can edit the information displayed on your listings, including the main photo of all properties, and showcase the listings of your choice.

You can also chose which search filters are available to visitors and in which order the search results are displayed.

Finally, we offer many widgets that can feature some properties on various locations of your site.


Business statistics

The administration of your site contains a statistics section that allows you to display the number of visits for all properties.

It is possible to show these visit statistics by broker or listing. You can also provide a specific URL to your clients, so they can see the statistics of their properties for themselves.

With these data, you are now able to fine-tune your marketing strategy in order to enhance the visibility of each listing.


Optimized for tablets and mobile phones

Your site will be as performing and attractive on your mobile phone, your tablet, or your laptop.

You can use it confidently and refer it to all of your clients, knowing that the mobile experience will be automatically optimized.

A Few Satisfied Clients


Louis Sabourin, Real Estate Broker at Immocasa

"The Immo platform is by far the best value site for real estate brokers, price and quality wise."


Jeremy Turowetz, web integrator at BKDSN

"After a year with Immo I'm still really impressed with the team. Top qualities include suffering my innumerable questions with patience and blazing fast communication speeds :)"

Included with the Package

Web Tools


Custom dashboard


  • Multipurpose theme
  • Logo display
  • Color palettes
  • Flexible display

Structure and content

  • Real estate pages and texts
  • Browsing menus
  • Page layout

Unlimited addition of content

  • Articles and news
  • Photos and videos
  • Team members
  • Client testimonies


  • Number of listings (agencies and brokers)
  • Number of visits per listing
  • Number of properties sold


Real Estate Tools


Synchronization with Centris

Hyperlinks to your site on Centris

Property categorization

  • Income properties
  • Showcase properties
  • New properties
  • Reduced-price properties
  • Sold properties

Addition of descriptions

Addition of photos and videos

Broker profile with related properties

Team profile


Client Tools


Geolocation of properties

Proximity checks

Advanced search filters

Addition of property favorites

Printing of listings

Mortgage rates


  • Capacity to pay
  • Mortgage payments
  • Mortgage transfer rates

Appointment forms

Visit statistics


One package, all the benefits

Brokers & Agencies

79 per month
  • Synchronization with Centris
  • Real Estate Calculators
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Sharing on social medias
  • Business statistics
  • Manual addition of listings
  • Addition of external functionalities
  • Modular and editable design
  • Direct access to technical support

Optional Services

Additional Brokers

Synchronize other brokers' listings within your team on your site (the addition of co-listing brokers only is free).

$19 / additional broker

Domain Name

Get your domain name, we'll configure it!

40,00 $ / year Add to cart

Initial Setup

Let us set up your site to get started fast.

299,00 $ Add to cart

Web Integration

Need help to add, edit or optimize your site? We're here.

75 $ / hour

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept American Express, MasterCard and VISA credit cards.

The amount of the package is debited on the 1st of each month, and your statement of account shows PROPULSIF.COM.

It is possible to modify or cancel your subscription at any time. You just need to login to My account.


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