Tablo Bid Calls

Tablo Bid Calls is a secured platform to create and manage bid calls.

The platform lets you assemble documents, plans and addendas from a tablet or desktop computer and then share them through email to your suppliers.

Basic Functions

The Tablo platform offers many basic functions which can be enhanced
by additional options, based on the solution selected.

Custom Interface

A personalized dashboard allows a quick access to your data

Roles and Users

An advanced role and user management process offers a foolproof security

Form Creation

Many functions designed specifically for the entry and management of voluminous data

Address Book

An address book that allows the entry of your contacts, that can be reused on various modules available

Messaging between Users

An intuitive and internal messaging function for all of your users

Creation of PDF Documents

Function allowing the printing and saving of data entered in a PDF format

Unlimited Storage

No need to count anymore: enjoy an unlimited storage space for your data to an unlimited number of users


We support multilingualism: create forms in various languages, and generate PDFs in the language of your choice

Mobile-device Optimized

A completely functional interface optimized for mobile phones and tablets

Send your bid calls in 3 easy steps

1. Creating the Bid Call

Start by creating a project, giving it a title, description and other relevant information to the bid call, and then specify the contact-person and how he/she can be reached.

Then attach all the documents and files which will be made available for download to the bidders.

2. Sending the invitations

Select the email recipients who you'll be sending the invitation to bid and take the time to customize that email for each bidder, if required.

The invitation will contain a secure link which will allow them to view and download all your documents and files, without you having to add them to the outgoing email.

3. Managing replies

A results table will show you at a glance who has received and who has opened their invitations.

Each bidder will be able to submit their response through the individual secure link they received in their email invitation. Through this link, they'll be able to provide their price, attach any files (PDF, etc) they may need to provide as well as leave any comments.

Once you've selected the winner, you can easily notify all participants that the bid is closed, and announce (or not) the winner.

Bid Calls

59 per month
  • Dashboard
  • Roles and Users
  • Form Creation
  • Address Book
  • PDF Creation
  • Secured Sharing
  • Reports and Documents Creation
  • Modification Changelog
  • Industry-Specific Customization

Optional Services

Additional Modules

You can add some pick-and-pay functions to personalize your solution.

From $20 / month per module

Development of modules

Need a function specific to your industry? Contact us to know about the development of personalized modules.

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