Tablo HVAC

Tablo HVAC is a secure report creation and management platform for businesses in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry.

The platform allows you to gather your data entry forms, to type your reports from a tablet or computer, to generate PDF documents, then to print or email them with your clients.

Tablo HVAC is fast, easy to use, and secure.


Air Conditioning

Air & Water Balancing

Improved Report Creation Speed

Reduction in Data Entry Errors

Access your Reports by Phone or Tablet

Share Reports by Email or Secured Link

Unlimited Storage for Data & Reports

Zero Application Maintenance

Basic Functions

The Tablo platform offers many basic functions which can be enhanced
by additional options, based on the solution selected.

Custom Interface

A personalized dashboard allows a quick access to your data

Roles and Users

An advanced role and user management process offers a foolproof security

Form Creation

Many functions designed specifically for the entry and management of voluminous data

Address Book

An address book that allows the entry of your contacts, that can be reused on various modules available

Messaging between Users

An intuitive and internal messaging function for all of your users

Creation of PDF Documents

Function allowing the printing and saving of data entered in a PDF format

Unlimited Storage

No need to count anymore: enjoy an unlimited storage space for your data to an unlimited number of users


We support multilingualism: create forms in various languages, and generate PDFs in the language of your choice

Mobile-device Optimized

A completely functional interface optimized for mobile phones and tablets

Form Creation

Create your own forms for data entry

Drag-and-drop, save, and you're done!

Easily gather your report entry forms with our visual design interface.

Add rows, columns, and fields, then personalize it all based on your needs.

Over ten fields with multiple parameters are available:

  • Text
  • Numéric
  • Checkboxes
  • Adress
  • File Uploads
  • Date
  • Lists
  • Icons
  • Spredsheet Grids
  • Multilingual

The form is ready-to-use.


Once you saved your form template, you can immediately enter your data.

The new form is available for all of your reports, old and new.


Report Creation

Complete your reports and stay organized

Build your report, sheet by sheet


Enter your data from a tablet or a computer.

The browsing is intuitive and allows you to move quickly from a section of the document to another.

A report can contain an unlimited number of forms, sections, and data.


Stay organized with the table of contents


You can file your sheets by system, rename them, move them, and re-sequence them with a simple drag-and-drop.

You can also add notes and comments to your report, as well as perform an audit of your changes using the correction registry.


Quickly find your reports


Our search engine allows you to find your reports within a few seconds using the criteria of your choice: project, contractor, city, technician, etc.

Overview, PDF and Sharing

Display your reports in PDF format, then share them by email

Generate a custom PDF file


From the table of contents, select the sections and/or sheets that needs to be added to your final report.

You can then generate a PDF file and display or download it.

Also, you can email it to your clients.


Add your professional seal


You can add your professional seal or your company's on the PDF to generate.

You are also able to choose the location of the seal on the cover page.

Allow a secure access to your reports


Thanks to the role and right management, you can now offer your clients a secure access to their reports.

This access can either be full or partial, and you can limit what the clients can display or do with the reports.


And other useful functions !

Customize your dashboard


You can add various information (widgets) to your dashboard that allow you to get an overview of the elements you are interested in: weather, calendar, messaging, etc.

Each user has their own dashboard, which can be personalized to their taste.

Manage your employees' schedule


A calendar can allow your employees to enter their time schedule for diverse event categories.

As an employer, you can quickly display your employees' schedule and reassign their appointments if needed.


129 per month
  • Dashboard
  • Roles and Users
  • Form Creation
  • Address Book
  • PDF Creation
  • Secured Sharing
  • Creation of Report and Documents
  • History of changes
  • Industry-specific Customization

Optional Services

Creation of your Forms

We can create the forms needed for your data entry.

299,00 $ Add to cart

Additional Modules

You can add some pick-and-pay functions to personalize your solution.

From $20 / month per module

Development of modules

Need a function specific to your industry? Contact us to know about the development of personalized modules.

To determine